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lol20 - Cappy is free to express himself sexually, this doesn't mean cumming in my mouth, or spanking the shit out of me, I have to be 100% clear that this is NOT a revenge roll!Please note that if you have a Stoutamus upgrade to your name, it can be used so long as he is due to receive Maximus.

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Watch live webcams with faster video streaming, fullscreen viewing free with no registration video chatrooms are a fun place for adults to hang out, chat, and meet new friends.) will roll a d20 to see if randy will be an OPTION for the night! Randy will be one stage HIGHER then whatever is tipped! if the room desires either randy or my ass getting fucked at the basic goal. Cappy is safe from pegging of any form on these nights.but if tipped for Randy Sr, The upgrade will be to Stout, if tipped for Stout, he gets Maximus, if tipped for Maximus, he gets... This doesn't mean he's automatically getting pegged, it means that the rules regarding Randy further down the profile are in effect. Cappy has said many times that he is unable to get erect because of the fear of Randy, in these cases he should be able to remain aroused in a variety of situations, including the almighty footjob-a-la-Lance.It lets you screen out the losers who can’t handle a woman like you.

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