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If you play worship guitar, burn these things into your brain and refer to them as you play and rehearse.

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Unless you just have a huge a band, but even Hillsong will have an electric guitarist just playing chords most of the time.This also means that if you’re the only electric guitarist, you’re going to have to resist playing some of those leads in order to play something that’s going to make the band sound full.Unless you have spent some serious time writing creative parts that enhance the song and don’t get in the way or busy it up, split the 2 electric parts into Rhythm and Lead.Especially if you are only learning or rehearsing the song together right before service. You don’t want both guitarist trying to play leads at the same time.Acoustic is more of a percussive instrument that isn’t filling up much space or doing much for an overall mix.

This will also free up your other electric guitarist to play some lead lines and add a whole new dynamic to the band.Then no one is left giving the song some body with rhythm.So make sure it’s understood who is rhythm and who is lead.This is mainly because one electric guitarist is leading worship, but also because it’s great for worship music. Now I say “someone” and not “guitarist,” because it’s possible for other instruments to fill up a song enough for a guitarist to play a lead part.However, 90% or the time, it’s going to take a guitarist to play big open chords to really fill up a song.And just a mixing tip, almost never should an acoustic be heard significantly in a mix if you’re going for a full band sound – unless it’s a quiet part of a song or you’re playing an intentionally acoustic set.