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One aspect of travel that I want to work harder at is food. His chubby little hand grabbed that fork so tight and he concentrated so hard.

I want to focus more on eating at local, one-of-a-kind places, where we can sample the cuisine unique to that country or region. One of my favorite memories from our trip was watching Little Arrow (2) eat his hot dog and Belgian "frites" with one of the little forks that are the custom there.

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So give it a go - register online today and review your Aussie matches for FREE.This is not a child known for impeccable table manners, so I'll never forget it. Big Arrow (4, at the time) could have spent hours staring into the windows of the chocolate shops we passed.And it wasn't but a moment before he was dipping the fries in mayo (as one does in Belgium! Its hard to walk a block in Bruges without seeing one.The fact that it was Easter weekend made the displays even more spectacular.That's not to say there isn't anything for adults to enjoy in Belgium. I recommend finding a big square where the kids can play in your line of sight, and then order up a couple of cold ones and a bucket of mussels.Here’s an easy way to tell if your dog is overweight or underweight: Use your hands to try to feel their ribs.