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This created a boom for the international dating scene in Cuba. Stunning Cuban women know that marrying an American or European is a ticket to a better material life. So, if you go to Cuba be prepared for some very direct approaches from Cuban women. The influx of Americans for about nine months did change the game, because it really introduced Cuban women to the concept of international dating.

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A second hurricane in as many weeks is expected to bring fresh devastation to a string of Caribbean islands already battered by Hurricane Irma.Maria strengthened to a Category 1 storm on Sunday and is expected to intensify rapidly over the next 48 hours as it follows almost the exact same path as Irma through the region. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat were issued a hurricane warnings on Monday, while the British Virgin Islands - among the worst affected by Irma - were put on hurricane watch.The Good Girls Co’s website promises clients will be able to “live life as you always imagined,” and describes the island as “a discreet and beautiful environment for men to fulfill their wildest fantasies.” But stunned local mayor Sergio Londono said officials would not allow it to go ahead.He said on Twitter: “Unacceptable that they want to sell us as a sexual destination.Once the ice has been broken, each romp-mad maniac will have the chance to enjoy the company of 16 women at once.

The third and fourth days feature parties on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with an open-minded disc jockey.It may also take some time to leave, causing flooding from the Jersey shore to eastern New England - including Long Island and New York City.Dangerous rip currents are also expected in the seas off those coasts.But tourists heading to the resort face being deported and the organizers of the “obscene” event could be arrested after the promotional video appeared online.The thought-provoking footage shows a young man cavorting on a luxury yacht with a bevy of ladies who he has paid to have sex with.A risqué promotional video offers a drug-fuelled orgy offering unlimited sex with big-bottomed hookers in a “sex island experience” holiday in Colombia.