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If you need specific help configuring streaming through Wirecast, please consult our Wirecast Guide.

The App won’t provide the level of quality of a professional camera or even a webcam, but it does offer an extra video source.

However, the Wirecast Cam app is actively sending this video signal to the encoder.

It can be used with either an i Phone or i Pad, and will utilize the device’s built-in camera as a source.You can install the app on your device for free, but you’ll need the Wirecast encoder on a laptop to actually stream with the app.Once again select the camera icon in the upper right which will open a series of options as seen below, although your exact options will vary.One of the new selections will be a category called “Wirecast Cam”. You can now begin streaming normally as you would using any other video source in Wirecast.Generally you don’t want the bitrate to exceed half of your internet upload speed.

When using this app, though, that consideration is reduced since you are almost streaming twice.

After you have clicked record in the App, click the CONNECT button on the source settings menu.

This will replace the green area with a live preview of your Wirecast Cam.

Hover over the icon, which will display four option.

The camera icon in the upper right needs to be clicked, as seen in the image.

To begin, there are a few things that are needed– Either an i Phone or i Pad – The Wirecast Cam app (free) – Wirecast 6.0.1 or higher – A streaming provider like Da Cast To note, the app is sadly not available on Android devices at this time.