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Computer gamers of the 1980s learned to loathe the slow-as-molasses tape and floppy disk drives of the era, and cheered when they were replaced by the much faster hard disks.

Jump directly to the latest New Features and Issues Addressed for the most recent General Availability Release.Our latest hotfix ( was released on Dec 22, 2017 and is a rollup of issues addressed since the last General Availability Release.Solid-state cartridges from the old days had fast random access times that some cases match or is faster than ram(snes), but their severely limited capacity increases the temptation to use data compression in larger modern games, which can take a It can help when hard drives grow larger.This not only allows them to store more of the game's data, which will usually load faster from the hard drive than from an optical disc, but also allows them to use uncompressed storage, which takes a lot less work from the CPU to load. This is something of a cyclic trope because of technology changes.

However, those aren't the subject of this trope this trope is about games that take too damn long to load, and do so not just at startup, but the entire time you're playing.

Here is the customvalidator The event isn't firing at all and I have no idea why.

Once I can get the event firing I can put some actual logic into it, lol UPDATE: I've noticed that I am now able to get the event firing, however the validationsummary is set to display all errors in a messagebox and this error isn't getting added to the messagebox.

When an application encounters an unexpected situation such as a missing file or input parameter, or a logical error such as performing a division by zero, the application generates exceptions.

By default, when an exception is generated, the application terminates and generates an error display such as the one shown in Figure 3.1.

It has Minimum and Maximum properties that control the allowable values.