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He grew up to the sounds of The Platters, Miles Davis, Mongo Santamaria, and the blaxploitation soundtracks of .Those records his parents played were the foundation of his journey to becoming a musician.Whatever emotions the message and the melody conjure up for us, we subconsciously associate the artist with those virtues and flaws.

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An unquestionably frustrating situation for Mc Knight, he continues to see this as an opportunity to reveal to people that there’s more to him than just being the guy.“I think this song, ‘If You’re Ready to Learn’ is more the real me than any of the other music I’ve ever done as a whole,” Mc Knight told me.“Now, I did feel that way when I wrote those other songs, but wasn’t general me. It was a moment in time, that’s how I .” Indeed, there’s more to Mc Knight than what the average person with internet access and preconceived notions of black radio might believe.For now, Brian Mc Knight is a lightning rod of controversy for peculiar circumstances typical of today’s celebrity-obsessed society.Even at our worst, it’s way better than everywhere else. I wrote a song called "Red, White, and Blue" after a saw a Fourth of July special about soldiers being constantly away from their families.

All you have to do is listen to the words of that song.

It’s like walking and talking.” What did impress Brian were the musicians he heard on the stereo.

Unlike most Seventh-day Adventists, Mc Knight’s parents were fairly lenient when it came to playing secular music in the house.

The R&B superstar has worked with some of the top artists of the day like Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Rascal Flatts, and Diddy just to name a few.

Mc Knight has always had a great appreciation for our troops.

The content of said video was a preview of a song entitled “If You’re Ready to Learn,” which featured lyrics depicting a man eager to help a lady be more inquisitive about the more delicate parts of her body.