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Creating this fragrance, Stefano Gabbana was following the idea of creating an uomo, a very masculine fragrance, and a very classic one, "not a banal classic, but a classic men's fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent that women adore".

The notes of this fragrance are composed in accordance with the Gabbana creator's taste, who wanted to create a woody-oriental composition.

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The One for Men will be available in the US as EDT in two sizes – 50ml and 100ml bottles.Besides EDT the collection will include 100ml aftershave lotion, 75ml aftershave balm, 200ml shower gel and 75ml deodorant stick.Take a chance on The One but remember be patient and apply liberally!Amazing perfume , a real masterpiece Longevity is not bad ,i get 8 hour on skin and days on clothing Remember this is a date fragrance Dont believe what people say about longevity.The One opens beautifully with a rich trio of amber, tobacco and ginger.

The blend of these three notes is heavenly, a sweet rich slightly spiced tobacco.

Finally this scent rounds out with a bit of coriander and cedar, which take the sweetness and spice of this scent and give it some woody earthiness.

Yeah, after the notes do their job we are left with about a 4 hour olfactory extravaganza and then... Yes, The One just fades away and takes a bit of your heart away as well.

the florals and a bit of spice drop in to give this scent more depth and a slightly floral aura.

The cardamom is really rendered well here juxtaposed with the grapefruit and the orange blossom just keeps that rich tobacco pumping.

The One is that beautiful, I mean it really is something so classic and memorable, but it is that abrupt finish that just kills you.