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I am also grateful to the Whyte and Robb families who welcomed us to their homes in Banff and Concord, Massachusetts, respectively, sharing pictures and stories about their ancestors, arranging for our visit to Skoki in Alberta and inviting us on a tour through Catharine’s actual childhood home in Massachusetts.Our fiercely talented and collegial cast is led by Canadian treasures, Juan Riedinger and newcomer Julie Lynn Mortensen, bringing the story to life in a way that exceeded all my expectations.

Bill falls in love with a girl, Rose, but as luck would have it she starts dating his brother Robbie. But, there is this voice, right next to you telling you that you can do it. It's a crazy film about having an older brother who seems to be better at everything than you are (Except in this case, he can't see as well).

Robbie has to decide whether to put his own emotions above his brother or to be the bigger man. I have just got to thank one individual who is next to me the whole time I am running down that road. The filmmakers tried to make a very quiet comedy that sneaks up on you, but it does not effect me as well as others like it.

As I was wandering though the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, soaking up the story and the displays, I felt like meeting two new friends.

Peter and Catharine were so very present in that exhibit, one of the most exquisitely curated ones I had ever seen.

A young East Coast debutante is dating the most eligible bachelor in the world, John D. Her future seems set: a dream life in the upper echelons of society.

But when she least expects it, she meets a young painter from one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This was a celebration of art, love and life, an example of having the courage to trusting one’s heart unshakably and finding one’s home in life, in one’s passion and in each other.

I immediately altered my travel plans and began my research on Peter and Catharine Whyte with a growing urge to make a film telling their story to the world.

Making it easy for us to feel sorry for Nick Knoll's character, who is the protagonist.

They're parts were the movie makes the blindness part of the joke was definitely funny without demeaning the handicap (as far as I...see).

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