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She gets off the phone, doesn’t apologize and we get seated.

About two minutes later her phone rings again and it is the same ‘OMG, no way! The waitress comes over and we order drinks while she is still on the phone and I twiddle my thumbs. I’m half done with my drink and have waved the waitress off once already because Lisa is still on the phone.

So trying to change the subject, I mention the frat that he was in (we both went to the same university) and that I knew some of the guys. At this point, I’m more than over the date and ready for him to get out of my apartment – so I go to the restroom and plan on feigning illness upon my return.

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Not like, the car door as I enter or a building door – that would have been OK. When we pulled up to the movie theater, I tried to exit the car. ’ and ran out of the car and to the passenger side, pushed the door closed and then opened it again. Again, he made a scene at the box office when I said I’d pay for my own ticket.

I had told him before that I thought first dates should be dutch so that no one feels any undue pressure but he actually pushed me out of the way, so he could pay for our tickets.

After I paid for dinner, I kindly said it was ‘nice to meet you’ got in my car and went to the bar. She followed me to the bar, and when I got out of my car proceeded to berate me over why I was going out instead of going home.

First off, I couldn’t believe the waitress asked, but then was floored at the girl’s response.

We were going out to the movies and he tagged along. I thought I was being set up by those candid camera shows. To make matters worse, we had gone to see The Flintstones.

Horrible experience all around.” “I once had a blind date walk into the restaurant wearing a niqab. Afterwards, he told me he didn’t believe the Holocaust happened. My meal of chicken tenders and small fries cost under at the time.

I ended up disliking her based on her personality.” “This was 1993. I didn’t stick around to go watch and find out if he thought the moon landing was faked, and perhaps eventually barter my favors for an entire extra value meal.

My self-esteem in college was low, but not that low.” “I was set up on my first blind date by a friend who swore up and down that this guy was perfect for me. My nail polish had to be ‘normal’ (no black, green or blue) 8.

After the movie, he asked if I wanted to go get coffee and dessert. On the way home, he told me that he’d be really happy if I came to church with him on Sunday so I could meet his family.” “I was about 21.

This college girl, who otherwise was a pretty and smart girl, showed up with her little brother. He had on a [tank top] and looked like a little thug.

I picked her up from her parents’ place (we were both home from college for the summer) and was a little surprised by how pretty she was. I felt a gas pain, so I leaned forward slightly to quietly relieve the pressure. I walked out of the bathroom, muddy-panted, out of the bar, and boarded the train for home.