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I have two blue point siamese cats that are 6 years old and I'm wondering why their noses are different colors. my siamese cats are being sick every day Hi please can you advise why my siamese cats are sick every time i feed them, they are both 10 years old and can only keep down tuna or fresh chicken anything …

Rescue of a 6 month Female Long Haired Lynx Point Siamese that has litterbox problems Hi, We recently adopted a dump and run, long haired female siamese about 6 months old. Questions about bringing in new siamese (babies or adults) to our home. 16 year old Siamese males making very loud sounds I have 3 elderly male Siamese cats (one is 16 and two are 15 years of age).

My 2-year old Siamese cat, Chin Man, has lost a lot of his dark brown coloring from his face and front legs this summer. I'm very sad but she appears to be carrying on as normal.

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It seems as though she is in heat but yesterday a friend came over with a dog and she hissed wildly and ever since she has been much more friendly to all …

Why do my blue point siamese brothers have different color noses & why does one of them have grey spots on his face & body??

She was given to me when she was about 2 years old. My mom's cat has bitten her three times now on the leg.... My 5 month old Chocolate Point Finn and I just moved in with a friend. When her cat, Zilla is in the house, Finn follows her … : Siamese Kitten Cries When I'm Not Home Here are pictures of my sweet little kitten, Mika. She is a classic style, tortie point with the prettiest blue eyes ever.

She has had him for awhile and she says she loves him and he is usually a very well behaved cat. We plan to buy her more toys and we made her a little bed (I read somewhere that if you leave a warm … : Siamese Kitten Cries When I'm Not Home Here are pictures of my sweet little kitten, Mika. I have 1 and half month old female siamese kitten that I bought yesterday but still not eating and I was worried of what will happen. my siamese is 20 years old..driving me and my wife nuts.... They are both from the same litre but a year apart, (brothers) At first the older one never got on with the … Peg my mommoms cat has bad weight loss does anyone no wut it could be HELLO I'm soo glad I found this site. He is pretty old and is fixed and up to date on shots. Resident female Siamese not eating since new kitty We rescued a snowshoe kitten 4 weeks ago and she is still isolated in our back bathroom/bedroom.

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I would welcome the answers and advice from all cat people and owners. If your do not have questions and would like to give some cat advice that would also be greatly appreciated.