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If there is no food, the stomach will make noices that nearly enemys may alert.- non-unique female NPCs may drop items now like Tampons or contraception fluid.Same to all female Guards.- Added an alternate Menu Title Image for non Sex Lab Users- Fixed a bug where De-Buffs won't effect the Player/NPC anymore, when loading a game- Added an option-INI-File for HUD Widgets where you can set the position, enable/disable, or change the alpha of any widget. Framework Support- When the Player sleeps next to someone there is a Chance that they will have sex during sleeping (no sex-animations, just the normal fade in black)- Enable / Disable Birth animations (Default is Disabled!

bf2 stats not updating 6 25-21

Using the Wash Out sperm fluid you can wash out the sperm that is already in you so it won't impregnate you anymore.

But beware - sperm that is to long (by default 6 game hours - can be changed in the MCM Menu) is in you, already reached the utherus and can't be washed out anymore. You can craft them in the forge - Refresh Add On List is working again- Extracted the Basic Add Ons to the new Add On Manager System- The Emitters for pregnancy water breaking and vaginal blood dropping won't make blue squads anymore- Updated the SSL Add On ini and the Bathing In Skyrim ini so they will work correctly- Updated the Developer Pack (including the Beeing now as well as the latest scripts) 2.8 (including the unofficial path)- Fixed mcm initialisation for new games and clean saves- Fixed sexlab detection- Fixed an number of property errors in Beeing Female Basic Addon.esp- Tampons will now only be automatically added to the inventory of NPCs- Fixed virility and sperm survival profile save bug identified- Fix for widgets displaying when pressing the information key whilst the console is open- Fixed a bug in the script FWAbility Beeing Female, that was checking breast value while inflating the belly- Updated beeingmale, beeingfemale, beeingbase, PMSSex Hurt, PMSHurting Headage & BFA_Ability Hungry scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully- Mother's Anger effect will now increase damage by 15-20% rather than 1500-2000%- Added (and updated patch) code to allow beeingmale and beeingfemale, PMSSex Hurt & PMSHurting Headage scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully- Updated BFA_Ability Hungry code to reduce script load- Go AWAY effect will now increase damage by 10% rather than 110% - A complete new Add On Manager System - This is way faster then the onld system- The current profile will be displayed in the MCM System Menu if it already exists- A Hud Profile was added, where you can set a HUD Profile (containing position, size, color of each widget)- Added new Misc-Add On callbacks: On Magic Effect Apply, On Impregnate- Added new SKSE Events for other Mods: "Can Become Pregnant", "Can Become PMS"- Baby-Items should now have a name- Added new console commands "bf:unimpregnate", "bf:cme", "bf:race", "bf:addon", "bf:test", "bf:setbabys"- Console Command "bf:impregnate" may have a numeric argument, defining the number of babys the character will be pregnant with- The Developer Files are now in a seperate Archive, and now include almost everything, including the HUD and the C Files- Fixed the MCM Menu - It was possible to raise an infinity bug that spams the skyrim log file to 40gb and more- Fixed the "NPCs' moods change" / "NPCs get wayward" Option bug in the MCM Menu- Translated the Children Tab to english, in the english MCM File- When loading a game, the "Default"-Profile shouldn't be loaded anymore- Sanitary Napkins are removed now. They where not compatible for pregnancy belly, won't work on all bodys (only UNP all i remember) and for some more reasons- Edited the Beeing Female Widget Elements- Added a few new Child Perks- Menu Title Screen will display the original Image when an adult mod is installed (including Flower Girls and Animated Prostitution)- MCM Menu - System containing more "Compatibility" Mods.

But it works like it does in reality - an egg is traveling thought the female body, a sperm can concive it and the woman will be pregnant. A: Add Ons are specific mods that include content to Beeing Female. and when they will respawn after killing them, they may change again. The most imporant is that children won't grow to an adult in just 10 days. A: This was the easiest way to fix problems with the calculation and the Add Ons. The only way to fix it is a reset the Player Stats using the MCM Menu. Q: Are you a doctor or a midwife or something like that?

They can specificate races (changing the duration of a phase, the pain level, the kid of child that will born, and even more, adding more PMS Effects, menstrual effects, ....) Q: Where can I find a pregnancy Body / Skeleton / Clothes - and what should i use? Depending on you body you are using, the textures, the skeleton, the physics there are diferent mods you need. If i would store them it would slow down everything and create massive stored data. Except the widgets everything is included(A typo happend, the Source files are located in a folder that is named "Scource" - Just copy and past all files into your Source folder and you can edit them.) Q: Will the childs grow to an adult? Another thing is that this would be realy dificult to make, because of the Add On System, and stuff. A: Ähm no, not really, i'm software developer who liked Trixy's "Procreation" and continued his work. Sorry for that but i'm busy with my real life as I already said.

But the good answer is, you can find all of them on Lovers Lab, just use the search function. There would be to many problems to make them work correctly. Male non-unique can still impregnate female unique. Q: I'm suffering on an infection - will my character die now? I've asked some many female friends, reading forums, reading wikiedia with the result - really really to much informations!!! Q: Do you spend hours for just feeding your own fetish? I love developing and it's better then base jumping when releasing a mod or a bug fix. Maybe sometimes when I have nothing else to do but most of the playing is just for testing bug fixes in Beeing Female. A: Yes, keep the hotkey pressed for 1.2 sec or longer.

The first set up of those mods can be a bit anoying but when it works it looks great Q: I've got a problem with the Body / Skeleton / Clothes A: I'm sorry to say that, but this is the wrong thread for that. Now i know a lot about FSH Hormones, LH Hormones, even how often and how much menstruation blood drips out.... Press the key again to hide them again Q: Are there any console commands? The most important is "bf:code" (without the quotes) this will display an error code that I need, for fixing some when you carry the baby- Added many many new De-Buffs to diferent menstruation cycle phases.I think it was 54 new De-buffs- Added the Hungry-Debugg to PMS and 1. Now the woman will eat food she is carrying when delivering under "hungry".It's a high advanced mod with many features that won't touch other mods except you want it. The born children will have an own leveling system, too as well as there own skill and perk tree. If you are a woman in Skyrim, after having sex you can become pregnant - depending on your hormones and your menstrual cycle phase.After some many days you can born a little cute girl or a strong cute boy. So even when you are a Men in Skyrim, you can have a lot of fun with this mod and you will have your own child that will give support. It was a lot to read about the menstrual cycle, birth, hormones and stuff. Uncle uploaded a clean version of the .esp/esm files HERE After I had to reinstall Skyrim, I decidet to explain how to install Beeing Female from a fresh Skyrim installation with the UNP Body:1. Download the latest version of Ski UI ( Race Menu HDT if you like)3.Product datasheet Upgrade Price Guarantee Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32 Bit / 64 Bit Editions New language versions: Chinese - Lithuanian - Japanese - Polski - Romanian - Spanish - Czech Update Star is compatible with Windows platforms.