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He is a humble practitioner with boundless energy, which he ceaselessly and joyfully applies for the benefit of all beings.

-- Vajrayana Foundation Follow us on ~~~Saturday July 29, 2017 7 pm.

Often couples come together with different approaches and can use a mediator to enhance mutual understading and love.

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He is the spiritual director of Vajrayana Foundation in the Santa Cruz Mountains.His treasure of wisdom and vast knowledge of liturgy, ritual, and art is a precious jewel.“A tour de force on the biological and psychological background of the human predicament." – Paul R. Jeremy Lent is an author whose writings investigate the patterns of thought that have led our civilization to its current crisis of sustainability.A long-time Bay Area resident, Jeremy is founder of the nonprofit Liology Institute, dedicated to fostering an integrated worldview that could enable humanity to flourish sustainably on the earth.Open Secret 29th Year "Field notes from A Quantum Anthropology Notebook, a 29 year record of the Bay Area's Spiritual Cultural Center's quest for human peak experiene, lifestyles and Evolutionary Cultural Experiments" TUESDAY July 4, 2018 Open Secret 29th Anniversary It has been an utter joy to share with our Marin and Northern California Family the ageless wisdom and beauty that is our spiritual Heritage Of the Family of Light. Key Tea will bring the realm of Earth magic into the field of beauty and wisdom Open Secret has held for 27 years.

We are retreating for this anniversary but look for a huge event for our 30, July 4 2019 Key Tea Grand Opening April 22. For 5 years Open Secret opened its doors to the amazing nourishment of Radiance.Perhaps you're used to feeling that you are a body that contains "you", inhabiting a vast material universe that objectively exists and is outside of you, on which your body depends, and which contains various elements and situations that may be beneficial, irrelevant, or threatening in various ways. In actuality you are an infinite, miraculous, subtle energy field that contains all of reality, and is dependent on nothing whatever.This astounding condition, which is indicated by Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, etc., can be discovered and explored directly, without resorting to traditional jargons, complex ancient spiritual traditions, and great time & effort.This empowerment and practice are said to increase merit, bring success in business, cure disease, end famine and drought, and increase wealth and prosperity.Lama Sonam Rinpoche is a Nyingmapa master and Khenpo in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.Book Event with local author Jeremy Lent, “The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning” The Patterning Instinct (Prometheus Books | Foreword by Fritjof Capra) investigates how different cultures throughout the world have made sense of the universe and how their underlying values have shaped history to construct the world we live in today.