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Just before he was taken bad, he started to say to me that his next door neighbours have always been good to him, more than anyone else he knew (! I used to take him meals along and one day, when I asked for my plate to be returned, he said that he'd given it back to me and why would he want to keep it and got quite nasty.I didn't realise he was ill and gave him a short, sharp answer, and got my plate back.

Without being too nosey, is she a "friend", in which case it might be worthwhile not seeing her for a while, or a relative, which is more difficult. Of course you won't forget this but try not to let it prey on your mind too much. My sister has been a prize B to me all her life and was gob-smacked 8yrs ago when I told her that I wanted nothing more to do with her because cancer had taught me to only cherish positive and caring people and to get rid of the rest of life's hangers-on.Just because she's elderly doesn't mean to say you have to put up with her hurtful, rude remarks. Easy for me to say, I know but you have enough going on in your life at the moment which takes up your time and thoughts. I dont regret for one minute that I dont have to put up with her hurtful comments anymore and am very proud of myself for having the guts to say what I did after 50yrs of her verbal abuse.I have been back in the swimming pool swimming every day - but not for her, I hasten to add! Hi Loves to Sing, I am sorry that someone should have said all that to you.I cant stand people who act like this for I am sure they dont realize how hurtful their remarks are.I had hormone therapy for my prostate cancer and I put on at least one and a half stone and cant seem to loss it.

I think you coped amazing well if you still worked while having chemo for you must have been very tired.Take care and I am sending kind thoughts and best wishes your way, Brian Hello Loves to Sing.What an upsetting experience for you as if you haven't got enough on your plate already.You are great and did not deserve this outburst but move on and forget it - you have plenty of other things to think about.Take care x Hi Loves to Sing Having just read your post just wanted to say please ignore this strange woman's outburst.I didnt even manage to look after the house and meals without quite a lot of support, let alone work as well.