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- Katrina chooses not to practice as a licensed counselor in Oregon. The Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County is a nonprofit, public-private partnership dedicated to diversifying the Central Coast's economy, and facilitating the creation of quality jobs locally.

We also use soy inks and a Vector TX52 Chemistry Free metal plate setter. Graphic design, logos, web design, business needs, brochures, posters...Public charity that aims to provide relief for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged with an initial emphasis on creating affordable home ownership opportunities for families at or below 80% of area's median income; to assist other charities; to combat community deterioration and assist with the construction and maintenance of public facilities; to make educational programs available and promote community values and encourage civic involvement.Slip into a warm soaking pool overlooking the ocean and rugged Oregon coast and let your troubles go to sea.With six offset presses, we have just the right press for each job, enabling us to get your project done quickly, efficiently and affordably.Dedicated to providing residents with a healthy lifestyle of independence, security and peace of mind.

Open on Sundays mid-May thru mid-October, 9 am - 2 pm, on W 4th St. Offers produce and plants grown by farmers, food products and crafts produced by local vendors.

Yachats architect since 1986 specializing in oceanfront/view homes and ADA accessibility. Family owned business offering a home like setting and a range of services starting with independent to end of life care.

A total of over 30 residential and 17 commercial projects in Oregon and California. Medicaid, respite, in-home doctor visits, home health, physical therapy, and more.

Visit the web site for a vendor application, or pick one up at Yachats City Hall.

The Yachats Lions Club is celebrating 60 years of service to the Yachats community.

In addition to a college transfer, professional/technical, GED, basic skills and community education offerings, the college provides small business training services, nursing and aquarium science programs. City government including planning, street maintenance, collection of transient rental tax & licensing administration, prepared food/beverage tax, business license administration, municipal code enforcement, and water-sewer service inside city limits; Notary Public (simple notarizations only); Passport Acceptance Facility (by appointment only); Yachats Commons rental reservations.