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The Base Station 3200 combines Baseline’s soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology with the industry’s best practices for weather-based irrigation into a single user interface.

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Baseline Powered bi Coders are available in 12 and 24 station configurations.

Specify the conventional wire station count by adding “-R12”, “-R24”, “-R36”, “-R48” to any Base Station 3200 part number.

Plus, the advanced flow management features, flexible communication options, and industry leading water management solutions give you the tools you need to manage even the most complex sites.

Each Base Station 3200 provides powerful management tools like controller-level tiered security passcodes, comprehensive diagnostic tools and reports, on-screen soil moisture graphs, programming and watering history backup and exporting and more.

Munro Systems Stand Alone Pump Stations and the Base Station 3200 irrigation controllers are ready to integrate out-of-the-box.

No additional hardware, no expensive custom programming, and no recurring services or fees required.

You’ll have instant visibility to pump station activity and performance right from the Base Station 3200 interface, which means that both systems are smarter and more efficient.

A single interface saves money and is easier to use, design, order, install, and maintain.

Baseline's Base Station 3200 irrigation controller is at the pinnacle of intelligent irrigation systems.

It supports Baseline’s patented two-wire technology and conventional wire and retrofit solutions.

Any Base Station 3200 controller can work with a conventional wire site with Baseline Powered bi Coders.