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I would suggest the refund to my account you have 24 hrs to do so or I will contact the U. We will put you in jail for fraude and hope you guys will be punish for you hve done.

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Me puse en contacto con el vendedor para anular pedido y no me contesta. They also tried to take an extra transaction on top of the purchase price that wasn’t mentioned in any transaction I got a call from my tsb bank fraud department today as I allowed my daughter to order some trainers in the sale (half the original price).The bank told me it is a company in China that make it look like a UK site and the goods are fake goods when they arrive. I ordered a sweatshirt and was charged from PES*LIKEMUCH BEIJING CHN 303.00 YUAN RENMINBI Subject to foreign fee I received a confirmation email that my payment went through on 12/9/17 but nothing from the company itself.About a month later I received 3 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from this place in China which I did not order. Maybe someone in the India company is dealing in fraud with a store in China?I want to k ow who this merchant is because i got charge 57.00 gir them and an other 1.67 for finacal charges on my card no phone number or address to contact them Please let me k ow as soon as possable.I did NOT order anything online & have not given my banking details or debit card to anyone! Attempted to order a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (advertisement from Instagram).

Instead of payment in GBP (as it was declared in the Internet-shop) I was charged in RMB (563,23 CNY), and there was no email order confirmation, neither I was informed about the status of my order.i follow your instruction to do the payment for the items i purchase from your store, but didn't received any goods and even didn't reply the email i send to your customer service. Online company wanted to “split” the loss because they were “slighted” too.The online store is Home & Garden, website is 40.96 was taken out of my school account without knowing who you are and I know I did not make any purchases in the last month. This is enough fraud against me and I am not playing. DO NOT order from Eldon-Associates and if you see a charge from Zimaotong on your card ... is not from UK its in the USA and we do hve lawyer now who gone take care of all our cases.They also tried to take an extra transaction on top of the purchase price that wasn’t mentioned in any transaction I ordered some watches from However, I can see clearly who processed my payment which was Saltwater Tech. I was shopping at so many sites that night that I cant remember the site.When the payment went through I saw that the payment was processed by Saltwater Tech Hangzhoushi. My next move is to contact my bank and have them turned in for fraud. I placed an order with smart tech on the 24 th November I paid with my credit card since then I have tried numerous e mails to contact them but they never reply and I have never recieved this order why I have a charge from this named site for 399.08 and a charge from PES*for 699.14 on the same day - Dec 20, 2017. Going back into my history to hopefully find but what a pain.Package arrived a month after ordering without any packing slip or information for returns.