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I would like to make one comment about the plagues.

Always remember, if you don't have any problems with the plagues in Egypt, then you shouldn't have any problems with the Book of Revelation.

Here he is going to make sure that even an Egyptian dog won't bark, when Israel gets to move out.

"Go down to the sea shore and there will be a fish with enough money in it's mouth for your taxes and mine both." What does that tell you? Many times I repeat myself, but I do it for a purpose.

Some of these things don't sink in until they are just hammered into us.

I have always tried to take that approach, even if people don't agree with me.

I just want to get them into The Book, and let them see what the Book really says.

I'll let your men go, but I want to keep your children.

And isn't that again exactly how Satan works today?

LESSON ONE * PART I RED SEA EXPERIENCE: A PICTURE OF OUR SALVATION A lady called from Colorado the other day, and said how much she was enjoying the programs.

She explained that what she really likes about our teaching is that we don't go by what men say, but rather what The Book says.

Now, all through Israel's history, beginning with Abraham, God is constantly reminding them they are not like everyone else on earth, but they are different.

They are his Covenant people and they were never to intermarry with anyone but those of the nation of Israel.

And that's true, but when God sent a plague on Pharaoh, it wasn't just a chance happening or phenomena; it was a miraculous act of God. The skeptics will say they crossed at the shallow end of the Red Sea, and it was only 18 inches deep. Now, that's exactly how Satan deals with the lost person.