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Lindsay Lohan barred it all on the cover in January 2012, and a year later our first cover girl Marilyn Monroe came back for more in just a towel. was relaunched in August, offering the best of the print magazine as well as new original content.

Even though has a new look and feel, the website carries on some time-honored traditions from the magazine, such as the weekly “Find the Bunny on the Cover” posts featured on the site.

Most days, we didn't know our ass from our elbow when it came to dating.

Immediately done at that moment." FHM: Any advice on what to do to win you over? If I like a kind of candy, show up with that kind of candy. One guy knew I liked Tic Tacs, so he came to pick me up and had brought every flavor of them that he could find. He'll pick me up, not tell me where we're going, and it's a fun activity." FHM: What is your big "don't" in a relationship? And then, my ex boyfriend's dad was sitting right next to us listening to our bug collection conversation.

I'm sure he was happy that his son dodged FHM: Kind of random... Corinne Olympios: "As of right now, I'm ready to settle down with someone. Three years is a good amount of time to grow with them, get engaged, in time to be married by 29." FHM: Any celebrity crushes?

We guess we can understand the concept of holding in your pee as a child, but, an adult? What possible excuse could you have for not going to the bathroom when nature calls? For as long as I can remember, I've been making scrambled eggs one way. Well, guys, believe it or not 2017 has come to and end and boy, oh boy, what a whirlwind year it has been!

I melt some butter in a pan, swish it around to get all the corners, crack and beat some eggs into a separate cup, whisking... OK, let's rattle off a few scenarios — taking an extra few minutes at lunch, running outside for a... Fortunately, we're not here today to talk about politics, natural disasters or any of the...

Rachel is out of the Vegas nightlife biz these days -- she's now running a childrens clothing boutique in NYC ...

What does it truly mean to be called one of the sexiest women in the world?Corinne Olympios: "I don't have any celebrity crushes because I don't go by looks. The smokeshow who was famously connected with Tiger Woods during the whole cheating scandal hit up Palm Beach for some Winter sun ... In a recent post on Instagram she wrote: “Another day, another hand job #disney #secretproject #handmodel #handmodeling #luckiestgirlintheworld.” But Celeste, who has an 11-month-old daughter, Ruby, with boyfriend, sketch writer and actor Bobby Quinn Rice, is now planning to cash in on her looks by touting herself as a Meghan lookalike. She said: “My father, Bryant Creel, 72, who now lives in Tennessee and is American, is white and originally of Irish, English and Scottish heritage.“My mother, Margaret Washington, 72, is American.The model, who was born in New York, admits she has never watched Suits and only discovered the similarity after a friend pointed it out.“I’ve never even watched Suits, the series that Meghan made her name as an actress in,' she said, also admitting she had not heard of her before all the media hype over her relationship with Prince Harry,” she said.“After I was told by a friend that I looked like her, I tuned in to see her on the show and I can definitely see our similarity.” The actress now gets mistaken for Meghan, 36, on set too.“At a recent photo-shoot, the crew were talking and I could hear whispering,” she said. Her ancestors were both Choctaw Native Americans and from the Democratic Republic of Congo.”Although Celeste says she has limited knowledge about the royal family, she is now paying closer attention to her doppelgänger and her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry.“I think they'll be a great couple.Well, it takes more than just being physically stunning, because any teenager can chase a woman for her looks. As mentioned earlier today, New Year's Eve is amateur night, guys.