funny dating contracts for teens Are haylie duff and nick zano dating

The couple, however, has not planned to get married as of now.

PHOTOS: Big-time Hollywood splits "The relationship just ran its course," Duff's rep tells Us.

Zano's exes include Kristin Cavallari and Amanda Bynes.

Zano made his way into Hollywood as a films and television projects developer.

He then got the leading role in 2003 sitcom What I Like about You, starring Amanda Bynes.

Renee, 30, also took to her private Instagram account to announce the news last month.

‘Empire’ star Terrence Howard expecting fifth child "I am very pregnant, by a pool, in Vegas," the Canadian actress captioned a photo showing a tiny baby bump.

While working on the show, Zano also wrote, starred in and directed student films that made their way to the JVC Universal Film Competition, a festival in which over 800 local high schools participate.

During that time, he also was the associate producer for Living Position, a World AIDS Day television special hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips.

Zano previously dated actresses Kat Dennings and Haylie Duff.

Zano is known for having played Vince in The WB's sitcom What I Like About You.

And three years and eleven months later, Nick and Leah are officially the proud parents of a baby boy. #womenaresuperior #fact" Nick and Leah have been together for a long time now, three years and 11 months to be exact and Leah gave birth to a baby boy, even though she is not his wife.