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This strategy provided a framework to express feelings and concerns, Poag said.

After answering a tough question like, “What are we?

” talking about social anxiety might seem relatively easy.

All relationships struggle sometimes and when anxiety is at play, the struggles can be quite specific – very normal, and specific.

Anxiety can work in curious ways, and it will impact different relationships differently, so not all of the following will be relevant for every relationship.

If these topics don’t come up on their own, try using language that moves toward a conversation about social anxiety. Friedemann Schaub recommended bringing up shyness, for example, if a date sees avoidant behavior that might otherwise be concerning.

Therapist Asta Klimaite suggested using jokes and compliments to test how dates react to issues around social anxiety.

Here are some ways to strengthen your relationship and protect it from the impact of anxiety: Falling in love is meant to be magical, but getting close to another person isn’t without it’s highs and lows at the best of times.

From the ecstasy of realising that someone pretty wonderful is as moved by you as you are by them, to the agony of self-doubt and possible loss, to the security, richness and sometimes stillness of a deeper love, intimacy is a vehicle for every possible emotion.

There isn’t a standard script for disclosing social anxiety to romantic prospects, but there are some guidelines you can follow.

Therapist Ginger Poag encouraged her clients to write down what they wish their partner knew about living with social anxiety.

I already met a cute girl and asked for her number, but I am afraid I will screw it up again. As for your second problem, it's true, you do sound a bit anxious and intense.