He is finally rescued, but upon returning home he finds nothing is the way he left it.

Carrying the entire second act on his solitary shoulders, Hanks turns in one of the best performances of his career.

They’re so good they just might change your perspective on life.Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) plays a Fed-Ex employee whose entire life revolves around punctuality.Anyone familiar with Tarkovsky’s work will recognize the trademark gorgeous cinematography, excruciatingly long takes and subtle camera movements.One can extrapolate much from the loaded imagery throughout the nearly 3 hour runtime, but generally the film investigates the nature of belief, the nature of desire, and how these drives are mitigated in our subconscious.The supporting cast includes Faye Dunaway as Eddie’s mistress, and Richard Boone in a memorable performance as Eddie’s ailing father.

Widely panned by critics as one of Kazan’s worst films, The Arrangement is a hidden gem in the annals of classic cinema.Upon taking the mission, Willard and a ragtag assortment of navy personnel man a PBR patrol boat and drift down a Vietnamese river deep into enemy territory.The story is based on Joseph Conrad’s novel “Heart of Darkness.”Apocalypse Now is bleak exploration into human nature and war.The Arrangement portrays its characters as Freudian archetypes, as they serve to explain Eddie’s maddening descent into himself and his search for a more authentic life.The Arrangement is based on a novel of the same name which Kazan also wrote.Bruno Stroszek is played by real-life street musician/savant Bruno S.