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INFORMATION ON RELEVANT PAGES WILL BE UPDATED AS AND WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLEI have been asked what this signifies. (Lagos, Portimao, Tunes, Albufeira, Loul, Faro, Olhao, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo Antnio) NOT VALID ON ALFA PENDULAR OR INTERCITY TRAINS Do the sums first.It means I have been to the place concerned on that date, I will have been on one or more of those buses and checked the timetables as as shown at the bus station or bus stop. A return (round-trip) ticket from Faro to Lagos is only 15,00. I must emphasise that there is NO STEP FREE ACCESS at any Algarve station to any train while it is in the platform. Some platforms are very low, making it difficult for some.

This differs from the information on the EVA bus company website.

Travellers intending to get a very early service from Lagos and who do not book on line are advised to check this before turning up and perhaps finding it closed!

The Algarve - Seville service operated by EVA and DAMAS does not operate on either December 25th or January 1st.

The next complete website update will be on or around 10th January. A notice at the ticket office seen on 5th October states opening hours as 0600 to 2030hrs daily.

These are available as three day versions at 29,10 and seven days for 36,25. They can be bought at any bus station ticket office, also the Albufeira old town Bus Shop and the EVA ticket office in Largo do Dique, Portimo.

They are valid on ALL buses operated by EVA or Frota Azul listed in timetables on this site.

These you would have to obtain locally and pay an additional fee for them.

Anyone over 65 can travel half fare on local trains so long they have ID eg passport.

Normal Sunday service will operate on December 24th and 31st. Some late and overnight journeys on December 24th and 31st will not operate.

Some journeys on December 25th and January 1st will also not operate.

I have added an item to the 'disabled page' with detail of the various stations. If you are aged 25 or under, CP is offering a 25% discount on all Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Inter Regional and Regional train tickets.