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In 1980, with Richmond heading toward the record for the highest aggregate in a season, Roach was the key to the Tigers' attack.

Even though Roach was dominating and kicking goals, the team was struggling to win.He was picked to play for Victoria, but an injury in the game cut into his performance and he missed three games mid-season.In the off-season, new Tiger coach Tony Jewell urged Roach to continue his weight training with the lure of the regular full-forward position.Hart tutored the right-footed tyro in the art of kicking the long, accurate drop punt.Richmond talent scout Harry Jenkins, who had discovered the by-then legendary Royce Hart, rang the Tigers with a succinct message: "I got another one for you." Richmond rushed the young Roach over to Melbourne for the 1977 season. Initially, Roach's rise in the game was much quicker than Royce Hart's had been.

At 193 cm, Roach was taller than Hart and had a much more developed physique.

Richmond solved the problem in 1982 by playing Taylor at full-forward and using Roach around the ground, including the ruck.

This worked very well until Taylor, seemingly set to kick a century for the year, was injured mid-season in a meaningless night fixture.

The milestone was reached two games before the finals against Melbourne at the MCG, typically, with a long drop punt from inside the centre square that followed a strong mark on the lead.

He finished the day with nine, but Roach's form tapered after that point.

Roach left an indelible imprint on the game with an amazing high mark in a match against Hawthorn on .