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But around 2010 AIM's popularity started to decline. Now the OG of instant messaging apps is being put out to pasture. But first the Engadget staff wanted to give it a proper send off.

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When my family graduated from AOL dial-up to DSL and got our own (Verizon!

) emails around 2000, I was overjoyed to learn that AIM was a standalone client.

And let's not forget the remarkably uninspiring quotes that I felt meant something at the time.

The away message really captured who we were at the time or at least who we wanted to be, neither of which was great in most cases.

Tech has removed so many obstacles to communication: There's nothing like waiting up all night to see for your best friend or romantic interest and getting a thrill when the AIM's "opening door" SFX announced their presence.

Now, everyone is online, always, and accessible via miracle-thin computers in their pockets.When I loaded up AIM on my first internet-connected computer, a Bondi Blue i Mac, I could no more imagine mobile internet chat than I could foresee my first messenger platform being left in the dust.Facebook became the new way to connect and, later, instantly chat -- and with SMS flourishing and Gchat on the rise, I had no need for AIM.People moved on, and so did I., my first anime obsessions.I also went through several different screennames during the '90s, as my family hopped between free trials on America Online, Prodigy and countless other early internet services.I was there with a group of Singaporean classmates, but I was eager to embrace American culture and joined the student radio station to branch out.