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The research lab has teamed up with video game company Blizzard Entertainment to open Star Craft II as an AI research environment the firms hope will give insight into the most complex problems related to artificial intelligence.

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Additionally, the game length can vary from minutes to an hour, meaning actions taken early in the game may not pay-off for a long time.'Part of Star Craft’s longevity is down to the rich, multi-layered gameplay, which also makes it an ideal environment for AI research,' says Deep Mind, noting the game's first and second iterations are among the most successful games of all time, with players competing in tournaments for more than 20 years.'Even Star Craft’s action space presents a challenge with a choice of more than 300 basic actions that can be taken - Contrast this with Atari games, which only have about 10 (e.g. Star Craft is also an ideal game for this next step in AI research because it has a massive pool of avid players who compete online everyday, ensuring there is a large quantity of replay data to learn from.'In this initial release, we break the game down into 'feature layers', where elements of the game such as unit type, health and map visibility are isolated from each other, whilst preserving the core visual and spatial elements of the game,' Deep Mind says.To make things even easier, the release contains a series of 'mini-games' that breakdown the game into manageable chunks for testing specific tasks.L'érotisme n'est-il pas par essence confrontation à un autre corps et à une autre personne, au mystère d'une autre expérience et d'une autre conscience ?Il y a bien entendu aussi du défi dans le libertinage, comme le montre la figure de Don Juan.Players must accomplish smaller goals along the way, such as gathering resources or building structures.

Also increasing complexity is the fact that the map is not fully shown at all times, meaning players must use memory and planning.

L'érotisme sera simplement une forme de civilisation du sexe, comme l'art ou la conversation.

Il y a cependant là une tentative un peu dérisoire pour banaliser le plaisir érotique, le penser sur le modèle de la jouissance gustative.

Le plaisir s'affranchit de toute légitimation biologique ou sociale et s'affiche avec toute la gratuité et la légèreté du jeu.

L'érotisme se confond alors avec tout ce que la culture, l'ingéniosité, ajoutent, ou retranchent, à la sexualité pour en faire un jeu plaisant et désirable.

Aussi assimilait-il le jeu érotique à un simple leurre, un piège tendu par la vie elle-même à l'intelligence et à l'individualité des amants.