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(It’s on Saturday afternoon in the Peacock Ballroom. ) The runner-up in the children’s category of the SFWC Writing Contest last year (Melissa Savage) will be introduced at the 2016 SFWC…

I sold her winning entry, LEMONS, in a 2-book, 0,000 deal to a Big Five publisher.

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“Reese reached around his neck and pulled him close for a hug,” says the onlooker.“They kissed bye on the cheek – but it was a friendly goodbye.” Witherspoon is a CAA client, and a source close to the actress maintains the night out was just business.We suggest you spend the other three hours in sessions.You can meet with as many agents as you can fit into the time period.Attendees who have signed up for Speed Dating will have a blue, green, yellow, or red dot on their badge.

REDs will be in the first hour, BLUEs the second hour, GREENs the third hour, YELLOWs the fourth hour. You may not line up to get into the Room of the Dons before your marked hour.

CAA denied that Mann was ever a client, and denied that it had failed to properly respond to her report.

But it said it fired Mitchell after it “received new information not previously revealed during the agency’s investigation.” (See more here.) Also Read: Jeffrey Tambor Accused of Sexual Harassment by ' Transparent' Actress Trace Lysette Mitchell “discovered” Mann in 2013 at a Coffee Bean in Century City, according to the lawsuit.

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“Reese is in a good place,” a friend told PEOPLE at the time of her split.