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26, 2016 287.307 Mutilating of serial number prohibited; penalty. Violation of act; notice and hearing; penalties; declaratory judgment; injunction; failure to comply with contract for alteration287.339c. Consideration of criminal history when adopting animals 287.339 . Written records of animal control shelter or animal protection shelter 287.339b .

Penalties for certain violations; disposition of fines 287.286a . Animal control agency, establishment, employees, jurisdiction; county animal control ordinances, contents 287.289b . Order to show cause, killing or confining dog 287.286b . County animal control officer, minimum employment standards 287.289c . 287.266 Dog license, application, issuance; refund of fees; vaccination of dog 287.267 Dog license; tag, approval; kept on dog. Kennel facility; license, issuance, form, fee, metal tags; inspection certificate, contents; rules; inspection; exception287.270a. Report of township supervisor on damage caused by dogs287.282. Payment by county for damage done by dogs; illegal or unjust claim, investigation 287.284 . Supervision and enforcement; citation, summons or appearance ticket 287.265 Tags, blanks and license forms. Damage to livestock or poultry by dogs, remedy; complaint, proceedings; liability for damages and costs 287.281 . 26, 2016 287.303 Identification certificate; issuance to owner. Bites by dog or wolf-dog crosses; persons responsible for actions of animal remaining on scene of bite; penalties and fines; police dog exception DOG LAW OF 1919 287.261 Short title; definitions. Licensing and control of dogs; hunting dogs; female dogs in heat; straying dogs287.263. Saving clause; disposition of dog fund; expense of dog department in cities, payment 287.286 . Assignment of title; filing; issuance of title to purchaser; fee - 287.301 to 287.307.

287.268 Unlicensed and young dogs; application, half fee after certain date 287.269 . Reception, audit, determination, and payment of damage claims; board of county auditors 287.285 .

Unlawful sale or transportation of animals; dealers' licenses needed 287.385 . Disposal of animals; holding period; notice to owner; records 287.389 . Dog training areas; application, permit, fees, size, number 324.42102 . Unlawful to wilfully mutilate, injure or destroy boundary fence or poster 324.42106 . (1) This act shall be known and may be cited as the “dog law of 1919”.(2) For the purpose of this act:(a) “Livestock” means horses, stallions, colts, geldings, mares, sheep, rams, lambs, bulls, bullocks, steers, heifers, cows, calves, mules, jacks, jennets, burros, goats, kids and swine, and fur-bearing animals being raised in captivity.(b) “Poultry” means all domestic fowl, ornamental birds, and game birds possessed or being reared under authority of a breeder’s license pursuant to part 427 (breeders and dealers) of the natural resources and environmental protection act, Act No.

Issuance of license, qualifications, good moral character 287.384 . Records of purchases, sales, transportation, handling 287.388 . Fur-Bearing Animals in Captivity for Breeding.317.63. Dog, permissible killing NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT 324.73101 . Entry upon lands of another; hunting dog, defined 324.73109 . Violations; fines, punishment; license revocation; payment of costs; seizure of property; restitution 324.42101 .

Notification of dog owners of availability of microchip implementation and registration and statewide tattoo identification registry 287.275 . Listing of dogs; reports; compensation; animal control officers, appointment, duties 287.277 .

Township or city treasurer, duties; fees; performance of duties by city clerk 287.274a . 26, 2016 287.304 Record of dog and owner kept by commissioner of agriculture.

Suspension or revocation of licenses, grounds, notice; reinstatement 287.391 .