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I now know that their spirits were willing, but their flesh was weak.In the fall of 1976, I entered Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan to study for the ministry.

We quickly hit it off, even though we had little in common. I was a motormouth with a bit of a rebellious streak.

Polly would tell me later that she thought of me as her “bad boy.” Polly’s parents saw me as a bad boy too; bad as in not good for their innocent daughter.

A few weeks after our move, I became the assistant pastor at Montpelier Baptist Church — a young, growing IFB church.

After spending seven months at Montpelier Baptist, I resigned and we moved to the Central Ohio community of Newark.

They spent the next eighteen months trying to discourage our relationship, even going so far as to tell Polly that she couldn’t marry me.

A short time after this papal edict, Polly informed her parents that we were going to get married with or without their blessing.Polly’s dad was the assistant pastor of the Newark Baptist Temple. We joined the Baptist Temple, and when Polly’s father decided to start a new church in nearby Buckeye Lake in 1981, we joined him.I became his pastoral assistant (primarily working with the youth of the church), a position I held until June of 1983.Midwestern was an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist institution. Tom Malone in the 1950s, Midwestern had a strict code of student conduct.Single students were required to live in the dormitory, and every aspect of dorm life was strictly regulated.This was the first time Polly stood up to her parents.