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Gay men do have non-monogamous relationships, she said, but they don’t consider it polyamorous.“Gay men invented non-monogamy,” she said.

Sheff remembers asking a gay friend who was in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend but who also had outside lovers why he didn’t consider himself poly.

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He told her,“We don’t need another label for something we’re already doing.”Sheff, who identifies as bisexual, said it’s important to note that no two polyamorous relationships are alike.But what they do have in common is that they are focused on honesty and community with full disclosure of relationships to everyone involved.Atlanta Poly Weekend March 25-27Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Airport1325 Virginia Ave. Elizabeth Sheff, an assistant professor at Georgia State University.Atlanta, GA 30344 you are polyamorous and interested in being part of a study, email Dr. Sheff focuses her research on sexuality, gender, family, deviance and communities.Wake up every morning to Hampton’s free hot breakfast.

While living in Louisiana, Holder and his wife (who asked her last name not be used) were involved with another woman, a relationship that didn’t pan out.

When Holder relocated to Fayetteville, Ga., for work, he said he kept his family in Louisiana for six months to ensure he passed the probationary period and so the kids could finish out the school year.

While living in Georgia and before his primary family moved here, Holder met Jeremy (who also asked his last name not be used) at a camping festival.“We clicked and I figured he would click with my wife,” Holder says.

Darian Aaron, 30, and his boyfriend, Joseph Gates, 22, have been together six months.

When they decided to commit to each other, they discussed monogamy and decided they would be exclusive to each other.“We met on Twitter,” said Aaron, who blogs at Living Out Loud with Darian.

One area she specializes in is the poly (short for polyamorous) community, specifically a long-range study on polyamorous families with children.