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The experience of getting your face smashed in by bullies (or taunted by them, or pushed, or shoved, or excluded, etc.

In this spirit, I offer my self-disclosure (and hijack Bill's) as seed for discussion.There are lots of programs designed to help schools and other institutions prevent bullying.Bullying Causes Long-Term Emotional Damage The experience of being bullied can end up causing lasting damage to victims.This is both self-evident, and also supported by an increasing body of research.As part of his punchline, he commented that he would have gladly subjected himself to the worst abuse Michael has been accused of perpetrating rather than having to endure that single beating.

The comment resonated with me, probably because like Bill, I too was bullied as a kid, and also found the experience to be pretty ugly.Adult bullies who have not outgrown their childhood narcissism probably do qualify, but little kids are just going to be that way.This is why I'm not terribly optimistic that we can solve the problem of bullying in our time.A blow to the head and you'd see stars like in the cartoons.I'm 40 years old now; it's been something like 30 years since that sort of thing last happened.However, I'm quite confident that it will never go away entirely.