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The contest winner will receive admission for two to Friday or Saturday's grandstand event.

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What December's total reflects is an increase over November's ,455,953, of 0,131.That's on top of an increase of 6,011 for November.The position of Director includes attendance at monthly meetings at the fairgrounds, making decisions regarding the Fair and other activities at the Fairgrounds throughout the year and performing other Fair-related activities.Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Applicants should be familiar with and enthusiastic about Fair activities.If the rate increases are approved as presented, they would become effective January 16, 2008.

In addition to the proposed increase, the base rates for sewer and water will be increased equal to the Consumer Price Index effective on July 1 of each following fiscal year.The auditor's numbers will be reconciled this week and if those figures change, the difference will be reported.The debt has increased since September 2005's ,690,812 by a total of ,105,272.The City of Alturas has adopted a substantial rate fee increase for water and sewer service, and will have a public hearing on those increases for January 15, 6 p.m. The City has proposed a .61 base increase in the water rate, going from the current .21 to .82 and a .51 increase in the base sewer rate, going from the current residential base of .48 to .99 and from the current commercial rate of .58 to .09.An informational workshop is scheduled at City Council Chambers January 9, 6 p.m.Written or oral comments can be presented at the Public Hearing January 15, or written comments can be submitted between now and then to the Clerk's Office at City Hall.