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In Texas, US 69 runs from Port Arthur near the Gulf of Mexico to the Texas–Oklahoma state line just north of Denison.

Route 69 (US 69) is a north–south United States highway that runs from Port Arthur, Texas to Albert Lea, Minnesota.

US 69 crosses Interstate 20 at Lindale where it is signed as "Main Street".

US 69 begins at its southern terminus with SH 87 in Port Arthur.This intersection is also the southern terminus for US 96 and US 287, which are concurrent with US 69.US 69 continues north to northwest to Mineola, crossing US 80 there.Before leaving town, at its intersection with SH 37, the Texas Forest Trail turns off of US 69 to share a segment with SH 37.In Woodville, US 69 splits from US 287 a few blocks north of US 190.

US 287 continues northwest towards Corrigan while US 69 proceed north towards Lufkin.US 69 north of I-10 is also known officially known as Eastex Freeway, and is an official evacuation route, just as Interstate 69/US 59 heading north from Houston is known as Eastex Freeway as well.In Lumberton, US 96 splits from US 69 and US 287 and heads northeast towards Jasper, while US 69 and US 287 continue on a northwest path towards Woodville.At the intersection with I-30, US 69 becomes concurrent with US 380 at its terminus.The concurrency continues around the southern and western sides of Greenville until an intersection with Spur 302.US 69 goes north through downtown Denison, then at the north side of town, US 69 intersects and merges with US 75, at which time US 69 becomes concurrent with US 75.