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Uanable to find a restaurant I was about to give up and walk back to the center when I came by the Admiral for the second time.

I approached him in English, making a hand-gesture as if to say: “Don’t give me your spiel, I just need to ask you something”.

All cities come with advantages that, in any case, prove them to be the better alternative to the city you are currently stuck in.I am discussing the advantages meaning things were by no means as rigid as they were in Russia.Thus, Hungary was able to save most of its Austrian-Hungarian heritage with its classical architecture and Vienna-like coffee house culture.As Hungary never had to back down like Russia’s main bottom-bitches Ukraine and Belarus in terms of Russification the Habsburgian heritage is still alive today with many Hungarians learning German instead of English as their first foreign language.The admiral’s eyebrowse rose and much to my suprise he now stepped out of his character completely.

Speaking to me as if I was a local he complained how all the restaurants on Heroes Square would serve small portions at high prices which he found “unfair”; he advised me to go back to the center and recommended three restaurants.

You guessed it: Budapest’s East-West history even plays into the field of stability and reliability.

The Western heritage takes off a bit of the edge in Budapest’s everyday shadiness that you won’t get to see if you spend your time drinking away with backpackers in Szimpla Kert.

Keep in mind, though, that renting an apartment long-term in Budapest comes at almost Western prices.

Hungary, just like Ukraine, has no rental market to speak of as everybody and their sister buys the place they live in even if it means starting to pay for mortages at the age of 20.

Wizz Air operates from Budapest’s main international airport (not one of those out in the countryside) and is one of the few low-cost carriers that is halfway reliable and doesn’t suck entirely.