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One could not, for example, claim that the men were all brilliant writers and equally appreciated by the popular literary community. To seek truth, we must look at a few of the female writers, their lives and works, and analyse them as individuals, before considering judging their collective output and worth.

This would suggest that she was not respected by later generations for her own creative output, but instead simply because of who she knew.It looks as though Cassady was the 50s equivalent of the rich & famous trophy wives of today’s sports stars and musicians.Like all bitter debates, the fight over the role of women in the Beat Generation seems lost in bullshit and rhetoric.History tells us they stood on the sidelines and cheered their men on, and then presumably settled down into conformity.Certainly that might be one reason, but there are many others.

Some are hardly worth mentioning at all: that fact that sexism exists in all facets of life, including historical and literary studies.

Some are just hard and tragic facts, like the fact that whereas the males of the Beat Generation were looked down upon, arrested, and mocked for years to come, the females got fucked over far worse.

The 1940s and 50s were times when women belonged to their parents first, and their husbands second.

Although she was raised by a strict and overbearing family that envisioned her as the typical domesticated housewife, they also valued education and Cassady was allowed to learn, unlike many less fortunate women.

However, her interests lay more in the arts and creativity than any of which her parents would approve.

History has not been kind to the women of the Beat Generation.