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Meier utilizes the cursor to pull, pinch and carve into the ball, making a face emerge from the virtual clay in seconds.

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He says his carefully engineered masks are much more than a novelty.“This is sculpture; these are fine pieces of art,” he says.“You should display this stuff, maybe not on your fireplace mantle, but in your office or someplace like that.He painted through his teens, his friends and family nurturing his talent through approbation.He loved the work of surrealists like Salvador Dalí and Francis Bacon, but by college preferred the “more fulfilling experience” of sculpting.The software also allows him to painstakingly strive for incredible accuracy in all the masks’ fine details, right down to the wrinkles and the rosacea.

It takes about a week’s worth of computer time to get the face imaging just right.“If for one moment I can make someone think something’s real, but something’s wrong, kind of an uncanny feeling, that’s artistically what I was trying to do.” “Social media one hundred percent made my business,” Meier says sitting at his dining room table, supporting less-harrowing items like cups of coffee and bags of sour gummies.“I was on unemployment for two years, and right at the very tail end of it, overnight, ten people a day were emailing me” – all inquiring about the masks they saw in the videos.“Well, either way we were swarmed by people because that’s the reaction you get out of these masks.”Cranston, who was nice enough to hand out Hyperflesh business cards at Comic-Con, kept the mask on during his introduction to the “Breaking Bad” panel.After he removed the mask, his co-star Aaron Paul began making out with it.(He admits the mask from 2016 had a complexion that was too dark, even by human Trump standards.) Meier also made sure Trump had a friend with an equally awful coif to play with in Kim Jong-un, while a sneering Vladimir Putin joined in the fun – though, according to Meier, he “clearly is the adult of the three.”Meier debuted his latest merry band of masks in April at Monsterpalooza – a film, makeup and special effects tradeshow – where a tall model portrayed a gold chain-clad Putin towering over Trump and Kim, each wearing t-shirts depicting atomic bomb explosions.