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We love Prague so much that we visited it two years in a row, and after our second visit decided to make it our home for eight months.

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Every evening, barring rain, the setting sun dyes the sky’s canvas, perfectly in harmony with the aesthetics of the city.Resplendent, hefty with history, and seemingly brimming with undiscovered locations, the crooked cobblestone streets of Prague’s Old Town are a mysterious warren bound to reward every curious explorer. Disneyland…for Grown Ups As you can probably tell we really do love Prague.If you’re looking for a holiday apartment rental in Prague that offers all the services of a hotel or hostel, expect to pay €70.00 and up a night.For suggestions on the best holiday apartments in Prague take a look at our guide: The Best Holiday Apartments in Prague.You can take a stroll along the banks of the tranquil Vltava day or night, cross and marvel at the views from one of the river’s several bridges, visit one of the many verdant parks, or climb Petrin Hill for a panorama of orange rooftops and burnished spires.

Whatever you do, the feeling of walking around in a fairy tale wonderland will be hard to shake.

Rare is a city that bares its stately grace without a hint of pretension. The city’s most iconic structure, Prague Castle, sits atop a lofty hill watching over the lazy Vltava river like a stern yet proud grandfather.

Rarer still is the city that is not outdated by its own antiquity, that presents its storied history without getting lost in it. Burnt orange rooftops add vibrant color to the “City of a Hundred Spires”, and even the sun seems to want to contribute to the amalgamation of hues.

We think Prague can be a very affordable destination, if approached properly.

We have included a few price lists in this article to give you an idea of what things cost in Prague in order to better budget your trip.

As a cosmopolitan city there are a million and one things to do in Prague.